I know you know the truth

that there is a treasure in you

i know i’ve told you before that you are not just any girl at all

but this i’ve not told you i’m sure

that you are someone worth dying for


Was it will or plainly destiny

i don’t understand why this is happening to me

Dear lord please answer me

did i fall in love with the wrong lady


I loved her with all i could

thought that maybe she would

be mine but i think maybe i should

leave her for my own good.


have i hit a dead end

is now the best time to bend

will she still be my friend

can this sore heart ever mend


angry but longing

tired but drawing

closer and closer to you

i hate this love feeling

today so appealing

tomorrow it’s reeling

there’s simply no meaning


The dish of the night is served

anger and loneliness

with bitterness and puzzlement

coupled with a jar of pain and weariness

sparkling with desire and hope

How confusing can love be.


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